Corporations and Businesses

Corporations and Businesses

Returning Millions of Dollars to Corporations and Businesses of all Types and Sizes…

Let our asset recovery team turn their skilled resources towards locating and recovering these unclaimed financial assets on your behalf. There is a high probability that there is money you are entitled to, of which you are not aware.

All of our work is performed on a success basis so if we don’t locate and recover any lost financial assets, there is no charge.

We bring our extensive experience to bear to locate and obtain these unclaimed financial assets on your behalf. Here’s How:

  • Our Corporate Lineage building service has global reach and can identify and re-create the most complex corporate structures.
  • Our unique and proprietary data-mining algorithms and ‘fuzzy searching’ technology provide a significant opportunity to find rightful owners when names or addresses have been misspelled or data entered incorrectly.
  • Our international capabilities and partnerships will ensure that unclaimed financial assets outside of Canada can also be successfully identified and recovered.
  • Impact 360 can often locate these funds before they are transferred to government entities, resulting in reduced costs for custodial management of funds.
  • Master claims processes, where Impact 360 manages multiple claims within a jurisdiction, reduce time and effort on your part.

We can set up a customized, ongoing search schedule to match unclaimed asset database updates in real time, providing peace of mind and reassurance that financial assets reaching dormancy will be found immediately.