Returning What is Rightfully Yours…

With billions of dollars at stake, there are millions of people who have money owed to them, and they have no idea that the funds even exist. Whether a forgotten bank account, an inheritance or a life insurance policy, all it takes is one undocumented move, a simple address error, or a postal delivery problem for the money to become lost to its rightful owner, potentially forever.

‘What is very frustrating is that these organizations are not even trying to find the owners of these funds,’ says Darren Jack, President of Impact 360 Asset Recovery Inc. ‘Our mission is to reunite Canadians with their money.’

All of our work is performed on a success basis so if we don’t locate and recover any lost financial assets, there is no charge.

‘No one knows how much is sitting unclaimed in mutual funds, stocks, bonds and RRSPs — millions? Billions— there’s no easy way for investors to hunt down their forlorn funds. Nor do government or industry show any interest in doing much about it.’ –Jason Kirby, MacLean’s, June 21, 2010